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I just started (again) reading Joseph Myers’s book titled The Search to Belong and am finding it completely provocative, particularly when Myers’ references Hall’s material on different kinds of space. Essentially, there are four types of spaces.  Public, social, personal, and intimate. … Continue reading

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So, after a wonderous bout with kidney stones in March of 2007, my primary doctor (not the one to the left) decided that I had a hernia near my navel.  Thus, it was time to go under the knife. My … Continue reading

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— Continued… I got out of the hospital on Wednesday (the day after the aforementioned medical procedure) just in time to get to the dress rehearsal for my choir’s annual “pops” concert.  Essentially, there are far too many acts / … Continue reading

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On May 28, 1991, the day that my many in my high school senior class would be skipping school, engaging in drinking and summertime partying, I was in the Operating Room. The day, whether I went to school or not, … Continue reading

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I have been incredibly ponderous over the beef (ahem) surrounding the outcry of many on Facebook, the blogosphere, and even the mainstream media pertaining to the comments made by Mr. Cathy, the Christian COO of his family’s fast food chain … Continue reading

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I received a call from my durable medical equipment provider a few weeks ago reminding me it was time to reorder my supplies. I’m a patient suffering with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and have been for just I over two … Continue reading

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I am home from five days of travel, meetings, and a variety of work/social activities this week. I got home in about 5 and a half hours after a long day at another worksite and some events going on there … Continue reading

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