Update:  This is a somewhat dated post, but I’m somewhat connected to cool author and thinker Sarah Cunningham who has a really cool blog and I am participating on the Great Big Friendship Blog on her site.

My family and I just returned from the wedding of a dear friend of ours and, after four days and 1400 miles in the car, I’m beginning to get some thoughts put together.  This may well end up a multiple-post series, but, well, we’ll see what happens.  I just ask that you bear with me as I try to put thoughts to words and do so without editing myself to death.

Thank you.

So, a wedding.  With my wife, the Princesses (who are 11 and 10 at the moment), and some dear friends.  The interesting thing about weddings is that, for many married people, they are reminded of their own beginnings as couples, often comparing the ceremonies, receptions, and just their feelings about the day.  I’m no different.  But I’ve only minimally considered the ceremony and reception and I’m choosing to focus on relationships – particularly my own relationships with other men in my life.

Right now, I’m lacking, so it is painful to reflect on what I’ve experienced in different seasons in my life.

My first “best”.  When I was four, my childhood best friend, “Mike”, moved into the house next door to the place my parents still reside. Mike and I did just about everything together, including digging a “room” in his sandbox that ended up being about 8 feet deep.  We covered it with paneling and a light layer of sand to hide our handiwork from our parents.  His family trips to Long Island were especially hard on me.  As was his moving away at the age of 10, it was especially difficult for me to find a new friend…    Since then, it has never been easy.

… to be continued.

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