Fast forward several years later.  High school.  Sophomore year.  I found some good friends, but still nothing as deep as what I seek now.  Of course, as Ferris Bueller says, “… it’s childish, but then again, so is high school.”

Within the next three years, I would become better friends with a few guys in particular who genuinely seemed to enjoy hanging out with me.  Sure, we busted each other’s chops and made stupid jokes, but we weren’t into a whole bunch of stuff that “kids just don’t need to be into”.  One of these guys does improv in Baltimore while working as a partner in a company that rebuilds homes using sustainable materials and practices.  The other is a software developer of sorts in Arizona.  We interact a bit on Facebook – but we all know it’s not what we once had.

I was a pretty straight-laced kid raised in a straight-laced home.  So, I didn’t bring a lot of drama into my friendships.  While I’d like to think I could have counted on these guys to walk through some crap with me, never having done it, I’m not sure.  Although, I remember a time our senior year when we banded around this one other guy whose little sister (14 at the time) and the rest of their family went through some pretty major crap at that time.  The guy “brothered” his sister through the trauma rather well.  The kind of “well” that makes boys into men.

After graduation, we all went our separate ways.  The other two to state schools while I went to Virginia.  We’d see each other over Christmas break or whatever, but, yeah.  Never quite the same.  (and email was just beginning to be used by students on university campuses for communication – 1991).

… to be continued.

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