Bestest. Evah.

If you’ve been reading all along, you knew I would eventually have to conclude this piece.  While I still realize the need for strong male friendships in my life – and while I am still lacking in the same – my best friend ever is my wife.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “He’s a man who is following Jesus… Of course he’s going to say his best friend is his wife!”

I guess I’ve been lamenting all weekend the demise of my male friendships over the years and how I figuratively run from opportunities that present themselves to me, and, all the while, I’ve failed to fully consider the “bride of my youth” as my best friend for quite some time.  While it is true that I still yearn for deeply authentic friendships with other men, my wife is indeed a blessing to me – far more than simply the woman who provides meals and a clean home and children.  She is truly a partner in the journey and I have realized the last few weeks how incomplete I am in her absence.

Now, I’m probably quite the extreme introvert.  But, a few weeks ago, she and the Princesses went to a Girl Scouts event in Washington DC – I would rather have poked my eyes out with pins, truth be told.  They left Wednesday morning and got home Sunday evening.  5 days without them.  Sure, she did all the chores before she left – my work quality on laundry and meal prep is, admittedly, lacking.  But even without having any work to do while she was gone (other than what my employer pays me to do, and taking the dog to and from puppy day care), the house was quiet.  Eerily so.

Or, at least it felt that way.  Not a waking moment was had when there was not something electronic making sound or image stimulation.  Television.  Facebook.  Spotify (while reading).  I felt like, if it was quiet enough, I’d hear Poe’s “Tell-tale Heart”…  Could.  Not.  Do.  It.

So, I’m glad they’re home and we’re back from the wedding.  I guess, as a guest at the nuptials of our friends, I experienced what I was supposed to: their joy and my own joy as a reminder of the precious gift given me in my wife.



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