I’m glad that you are indeed keeping up with my posts.  I promise I’ll get there.  There is a point to all of this.  Really.

Remember that wedding that I attended last weekend?  Well, later into the evening, there came a time for the tradition of the wedding toasts.  Yes, the one where the maid of honor and the best man toast the happy couple.  Aside from the fact that the MoH read hers – and I assure you that the words were completely honest and heartfelt, reflective of her friendship with the bride and her desire for the groom to live up to his vows – and the best man a) winging it, b) drunk, or c) both, it was a happy and genuine moment.  Moreso because the best man and groom had been friends since childhood.  Childhood!  Who does that any more?  More importantly, why not?!?

It got me thinking.  A lot.  Why don’t we do that any more?  Why are so many of us men just riddled with short term friendships that may lack the depth of what we are truly wanting from one another.  And I don’t mean physically, to say the least, but to simply sit down and enjoy a brew (coffee or beer), or a fine liquor, and time just connecting over a fire.

So, during my trip home from the wedding weekend with my wife and the Princesses, I had the opportunity to do just that.  Without the fire.  Breakfast with a friend that I have not seen since 2010 in my “backyard” of the Adirondacks.  It was good to connect.  To talk of deeper things with him, about our families and some of the victories we’ve had in our lives in the last several months.  I miss that.  No, he’s not a close friend in that I get to talk to him on even a weekly basis, but regular emails and Facebook posts.  He gets me.  He’s of solid character, he knows several of my flaws, and he gets me.  And he loves me anyway.  In a way that makes me want to be genuine.

He also gave me some much needed encouragement with regard to my schooling and future career.  So, brother, I toast you in this post.  And I thank you for your precious time that morning over breakfast.

…to be concluded…

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