So, I’m back to the grind at work and realizing more and more each day that I am not made for what I am currently doing. This is not to say that the work I am doing is below me; it is to say that I do not find myself passionate about the job.

I am 70% of the way through a Master’s in Professional Counseling program and, considering I swore off grad school before I got married, I’m still not really sure what to make of it all. Other than the fact that I love what I’m learning and am really excited about the type of work in which I will be engaged. While most of my interests lie in family systems (i.e it’s not your kid that’s messed up, it’s the entire family), I hope to work specifically with marital relationships but also some addictions and more personal challenges in my clients.

I am just torn in two by the brokenness that marital dysfunction (including, but not limited to, divorce) causes, not only in the couple, but also in their children and their faith communities who really have no idea how to love these broken people well.

Not that I have it all figured out, of course. I am passionate and knowledgable about grace, though. And that’s a solid place to start.

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