Yes, one more trip around the sun for me.  And I’m dreading the day like surgery.  As a kid with a July birthday (and an introvert), it was painful to endure – for several reasons.  The first being when teachers would have one party in the classroom for all the summer birthday kids.  On the same day.  To a kid, that makes the whole thing a bit less special.  Of course, what is interesting to me is that kids need to feel special and appreciated and celebrated.

The second reason of the suck is that it was primarily celebrated at the family’s 4th of July cookout.  13 relatives crammed in my parents’ back porch.  Meaning all well and good (except the cousins who really didn’t want to be there), but remember, I’m an introvert.  So, yeah. I have no understanding why my two daughters (who have birthdays at opposite ends of the summer vacation) like to celebrate theirs together.

Third, sharing it with my sister.  We aren’t close like my daughters are (nor were we ever) and she was more the kid my parents wanted growing up.  Ouch.

Finally, sharing it with a cousin, grandfather, and greataunt.

I just really want to get it over with today.  The celebration with my wife and daughters will be this weekend, per standard procedure.  We don’t celebrate in the middle of the week.  Remember how much the 4th of July sucked last week because you had to go to work the next day?  Yeah.  That.

And I know that there might be more than a handful of folks on Facebook wishing me a great birthday.  This is not directed at you.  The day sucking is all about me.  I’m a counseling student.  I should know.  So, thank you, Facebook friends, for your warm wishes.  They do help.

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