In approximately a month and a half, I am scheduled to take the CPCE, or the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination. many Masters programs offer this examination in lieu of a thesis for conferral of the degree. I’m more than scared. I took the summer off from school to study for this as well as an additional examination that my university requires, an examination that focuses on the integration of Biblical principles and truth with the science of physchology.

It really is a great program and, conceptually, well put together. I’m just freaking out is all. My exam is scheduled for August 31. Additionally, my last onsite intensive class is scheduled for that same week, so, I’ll be soon having about 900 more pages to read.

I know that God has ordained this work for me to do and me for it. In my heart.

My head just can’t wrap itself around all this information.

And so, I come to you, dear readers and friends, for your prayers.

Thank you.

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