I travel on rare occasion for work. I consider myself to be quite blessed to have a position in my current capacity in which I actually don’t have to travel all that often. While it’s still burdensome and I don’t get nearly enough solitude during my travel weeks, my colleagues do well to remember how much of a toll it takes on me. And there are a few who understand my heart and needs.

There is an annual supply chain conference that my VP puts together and it ties in well with our truck obstacle course event, so they do a great job to make it a stress-free week, including a golf outing, a barbecue pig roast with pulled pork, macaroni and potato salads and it’s just a good time to get together with some folks we haven’t seen in the past year but with whom we speak regularly.

There are a few guys with like-minded faith as mine with whom I truly enjoy spending time. But I can really do without all the large group activities.

The highlights of the trip are the drive alone to Baltimore (though I will have at least one passenger on the return trip – I’m not sure who yet, so am a bit anxious about that) and a bit of time with a few of my favorite colleagues.

We eat well, and I generally forego the alcohol, which really isn’t that plentiful anyway.

Aside from the large group stuff and the expectation to be “on”, we have a new boss this year. I’m a bit anxious about meeting him, but have had good conversations with him via phone so far. And I have, evidently, impressed him somehow…

I just wonder what to expect when it comes time to do my internship…

Finally, I just like being home in my own bed. A foreign bed, foreign sounds, and a foreign hotel room layout do not help my already-challenged sleep.

Okay, so, I guess it doesn’t sound like a bad experience after all. I guess I’m just an introverted creature of habit.

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