20120717-160354.jpg I am what I would consider a pretty decent suitcase packer. Reading a past article at Art of Manliness, I realized that I actually do pretty well for myself in following their suggestions. However, what they don’t prepare me for is something I pretty much suck at.

That’s engaging my family the evening before my trip. I am somewhat regimented in my packing, so I shun any and all attempts by my wife to offer me assistance. That is, until I’m done and I need her to review the packing according to list and heck my color selections, particularly when it comes to corporate business travel. And I probably hurt her feelings in the process. Every time.

Then there are the kids. Generally, there are a few fires that need to be put out before I go, and they are generally last minute technological needs that should have been requested earlier in the weekend, or the month.

I don’t handle it well. I wish I did. And I don’t always apologize until my wife suggests it. Again, I wish I did.

The trip from my home to this particular location is about 6 hours. And each time, I end up with more and more regret as to how I treat those who love me most.

In the words of the tax collector, “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

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