20120720-163503.jpg This post is more of a vent and a reflection on a general pet peeve of mine. Since I am blogging more for myself than my extremely limited readership, I am not expecting many comments, but I could use some encouragement and even course correction if something comes to mind.

I was scheduled, along with four other engineers, to have a one hour meeting with one of our project leads. My time was the last one of the day. 1 pm. That already ticked me off. But when the second appointment lasted till 11:30, with no apology from the meeting organizer, I really don’t take that well. Poor planning. Back to back meetings with one break. Lunch. So, the third meeting went till after one, the fourth till after three…

The organizer should know to leave time and make sure he has realistic expectations of his fellow participants, regardless of meeting size.

So, he asked me to meet tomorrow at 9am. Saturday. On the day of our annual tractor trailer course event. That’s one of the reasons we are gathered to begin with.

I explained that I really needed to be with my distribution center management team to cheer on our driver and to enjoy the day with them.

“How about 8?”

Actually, breakfast with the executives is at 8:15 and then the event begins at 9.

I proposed Monday with a web viewer so we could take our time unhindered and unrushed. I hadn’t gotten a response.

I explained to this colleague that I regularly scratch his back for support when he’s on vacation and out of the office on business travel. He needs to take better care of me than what he did this week.

Yes, I’m pissed. But the boss is on a plane to a different continent, so we get to hash this out like gentlemen. With swords, if need be.

What would you do?

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