20120721-210140.jpgI am home from five days of travel, meetings, and a variety of work/social activities this week. I got home in about 5 and a half hours after a long day at another worksite and some events going on there as late as 1pm this afternoon.

I love being home, to be honest. To hear my wife and elder daughter playing a game in the dining room while I write this is one of the sounds I love. I am not really into playing a lot of card or board games, but I enjoy the hushed tones in which they speak as my younger daughter is already in bed. And the selection of games is irrelevant, really.

My puppy, who never sleeps next to me on the bed, is actually snugging next to me on the sofa in typical fashion. Snoring.

Same thing I’ll be doing later. In my own bed. I don’t care that the hotel room offered better darkness in the morning. I’m home with my family and I am sleeping in.

And we can see what kind of adventure we might share tomorrow.

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