20120827-191913.jpgConfession time. For the last 6 weeks or so, I have sucked at blogging. Hell, I’ve sucked at most anything. Okay, it’s not so much a confession to you because, you, faithful reader, already know this. Remember, confession is more for the confessor than for the listener, or (in this case) reader.

See, I’ve been vacationing with the family a bit this summer. And studying a lot. My comprehensive exam is Friday this week. Four hours in the afternoon. Keeping me here till Saturday because, after this week and the exam, I’ll be in no shape to drive the 9 or so hours. That would put me home around 2am. I’m not sure my adrenaline and dopamine will hold out that long.

This week is what my counseling program calls an Intensive. The class 8:15-4 daily and till noon on Friday is in Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. We practice our diagnostic skills and develop treatment plans for those diagnoses. Although, most of the work is on the diagnoses.

My team is batting .500 for our first two.

Tomorrow, I will be playing someone either with Social Phobia or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yeah, a stretch for me, I know…

So, as always, I covet your prayers.

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