An update since my last posting which was made over three weeks ago while undergoing a week of class in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, only to be followed by my program’s comprehensive exam (the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination, or CPCE) at 1pm that Friday afternoon.

In the past three weeks, I have completed a roleplay paper (and learned how little I know about drug culture!) which has been graded.  I think I did rather well considering I missed the entire diagnosis (costing me only 1 point of the 300).  I totally missed the dependence, so I called it abuse of three different substances (amphetamine, alcohol, and cannabis)…  It was dependence, qualifying for a single diagnosis of polysubstance dependence.  Who knew?  And the jury is out on my final exam for the class.  Got an A- going in…

The comprehensive exam…  wow.  So, I ended up with an 85/136.  Passing for this iteration of the test was 67.  Yeah, that’s not even 50%…  we won’t even talk about that.  It’s like standardized achievement tests in high school.  They don’t expect anyone to get them ALL right.  Just beat the 50th percentile or something like that.  I learned all about that in my class on Appraisal.  🙂

Why is this post called “A” when my class grade is sitting at an A- and my comprehensive score was, essentially 62.5%?  Because I am reminded that I am no longer a type “A” personality.  Life’s too short.  I got my passing score on the exam, including the breakdown of what I got right by competency area and I don’t care about what I missed.

See, I took the summer off from classes.  From May 12th to July 31st, I studied for the exam.  Books, the CD set for test prep, and even a practice exam.  August 1st, I started preparing for my Diagnosis class.  I enjoyed some vacation time with my wife and kids and relaxed a bit over the summer.  Not that I was a type “A” going into the summer either…

Worrying about what I got wrong on the exam won’t help me.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that.  And I was one.

My next two courses are Adolescents (Oct-Dec) and Addictions (Jan-Mar).  Then, it’s on to internship…  Wish me luck.

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