So… my bride of nearly 15 years has inserted herself into the world of W-2’s again.  Her first paycheck since before the princesses were born, the first being over 12 years ago.  Sure she’s worked in the church nursery and stuff like that, but this is corporate America.

She’s doing it for me.  There’s a lot of weight I feel with that admission.  I’m due for my internship to start next fall (I hope!) and, well, we’re socking away as much money as we can in preparation for the real possibility that I am unable to keep my day job.

Anyway.  I’m thankful to have such a caring and gracious wife.  No, that’s not her.  That’s Melanie Griffith, from the movie Working Girl, one of her favorites.

The princesses are even in on the action, too.  They accepted an opportunity to take care of some dogs every day (they are homeschooled).  Now… praying for an internship.

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