That’s not me.  That’s Slash, from Guns ‘n’ Roses.  I’m not a rockstar and don’t want to be.  I don’t like the limelight, the footlight, the spotlight, none of it.  So, the story goes like this…

A few years ago, had attended a men’s retreat out in the Rockies at about 12,000 feet above sea level.  450 men.  I had the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of folks who had corresponded with one another via an internet forum over an afternoon to discuss community…  but before that…

There were about 30 or so guys there who knew my online persona (which was not a misrepresentation of me at all) and a few who really wanted to meet me.  I’m an introvert.  I don’t like to be made a fuss of.  At all.

So, before I profusely apologized to Tim (a wonderful doctor from Michigan who simply wanted to meet the guy he had helped by phone prior), I ran away from him in tears…  I blame the elevation.

See, I had been so overwhelmed from meeting guy after guy who simply wanted to shake my hand and put a face with my name that they had read on their monitors for a few years, I completely cracked.  I hate myself for how I can be when it comes to meeting people.  The interesting thing is that these retreats are more about getting time, as individuals, alone with God and connecting, in even a small way, with others to know that we really aren’t alone on the journey or in our own struggles or failings.

I still run.  Just now, I know why.  And I can choose not to.  Just because I can choose not to does not make it any easier.  But thank you for reading and for your patience.  If I run, just know that I’ll be back.  And I won’t hesitate to apologize.

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