Nature., last weekend, my family went to see Wicked as it toured through Syracuse.  While not quite the epic story that Les Miserables was, there are still some pretty deep themes of this show throughout.  The largest one that comes to mind is the question of Nature vs. Nurture.  I.e. are our personalities something we are born with, or are they developed through our most basic of relationships (parents, siblings) and even our secondary relationships (deeper friendships and romantic relationships)?

To that end, are the things we do that make us wicked, or is it the intent behind our actions?  Or what about the perceptions of our actions or the perceptions of our motivations of our actions?

Is it possible to try to do everything in one’s power to do the right thing and with the right motives and still be hated for it?  Oh, yeah.  Jesus.  You, too?  Oh, yeah.  You told us that would happen…

Note: this entry is not meant to be blasphemous – Jesus is NOT a witch.  The point is… well, watch the musical next time it comes through your town and see what you think.

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