Some of you know that I’m an introvert.  Heck, you might be one, too.  So, recently, I’ve been reading some blogs and watching some videos advising introverts on how to survive holiday parties.  I tried a few of the things suggested and they worked mildly.  The thing I did today that is out of the norm for me was that I hung out with the kids.  Not my kids.  But, the kids.

My first attempt was actually the son of the hosts.  He had a lightsaber and I demonstrated my knowledge over the importance of the weapon’s color while he asked me to hold it (carefully, so I didn’t get hurt) while he munched on a cheese and cracker sandwich.

A little while later, I made my way to the Kids’ Table.  Not for eating, but for decorating gingerbread men.  That’s where I sat the rest of the time.  Evidently, another introvert thought it a good idea (and his son was at the table, too), so we chatted a bit until it was time for me to get my wife home.

So, if you’re an introvert, the next time you’re at a party (where there are children), chat it up with one or two of the kiddos.  And then go home and take a nap to recover.

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