It was nearly five years ago since we met.  Well, not met in the traditional sense, but met on the internet.  And, no, not my wife.  A dear friend of mine who, for several months of 2008 invested his heart and soul into me as a fellow disciple of Jesus.  I’ve had a few that I have walked with, but none who invested quite that many tangible hours just encouraging one another.  I considered myself blessed back then and I get to consider myself blessed again.  He and his family are coming to meet me and mine.

The image is from a light display / performance art on an Australia travel website.  “Why Australia?” you may ask.  Because that is where this man is from.  He’s a hero.  To his wife.  To his sons.  And to his countrymen.  He’s a paramedic in the “ambo service” and has been for nearly 30 years.  Aside from saving lives day to day, he also has braved more than a few wildfires in his homeland, even traveling to other states (there are 7, not including the capital  territory).

He blessed me with his medical wisdom by advising me to “Drink more bee-ah” when I suffered kidney stones (yes, it is solid medical advice).  He kept vigil for my travel back home from business while my wife waited, so she could go to her mother when her father passed away, and kept vigil with me while she traveled to her mother’s home.

I am unsure of how to process this.  Of all the things to do in America and places to see, he told his wife that he wants nothing more than to see me.  What in the world do I do with that?

Besides feeling honored beyond all understanding and promising not to take him to Outback for dinner.

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