I’m not sure how what happened today happened today, but it saddens me that we can’t be more like Christ.  I don’t know about others, but I know that’s what I want for myself and Scripture tells me that is what He wants for me, too.  So many verses of Scripture that one might prooftext in light of the situation, but I find that pulling Scriptures out of my rear end – even appropriate ones – does little to bring about reconciliation or redemption in a hurtful experience.  So, I’m not going to do that.

I am going to pray for the offended parties.  I am going to pray for the offending parties.  I am going to pray for those who continue to exacerbate an already-challenging and hurtful situation by continuing the conversation.  I will not name names or talk about what happened.  Those who do not know already do not need to be made aware.  It’s gossip and slander – even in the name of prayer requests or prayer partners, to do so is gossip.  God knows what happened and He knows the hurt that people are in.  So, it is in grace that I invite him to come and heal what is broken.  That is all.

I may be reaching out to people privately, if the Holy Spirit wills me to do so.  If not, I’m okay with that as well.  He knows what is best.  I will pray for the admins of the group as well.  Theirs is not an easy job.  My prayer is not for justice.  If we prayed for justice, we would all be destined for Hell.  Justice never helped anyone experience grace.  And without grace, we cannot experience Life in Christ.  My prayer is for understanding.  “Lord, help me not to be understood, but rather to understand, to enter into the pain of another.”  My prayer is that Christ meet each participant in the day’s events in exactly the place where he or she is at the moment.  And that we would each allow Him to transform us from within, not by our will, but by His good and perfect will.


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