Okay, so I’m a counseling student. And I’m an introvert. Actually, I’m (according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) ISTJ.

Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging

In a nutshell, I recharge my energy by being alone or in smaller, intimate settings; I am observant (often picking up on nonverbal cues), methodical and rational in my thinking; and discerning. Pretty important stuff for a future counselor, right? I think so.

And the pains and struggles that others bring to me regarding their own relational hurts, particularly in marriage, are my passion (from the Latin meaning “suffering”). That’s not to say that I do not appreciate my job security. I realize that helping others in the next life isn’t going to be necessary. I’d love to find the cure for relational strife and market it. Even Jesus, while being enough isn’t taken at His word that HE IS.

All this to say that I am extremely humbled by those other students and even graduates who come to me for wisdom – or even just an ear to bend. I am blessed by God with a fantastically wonderful and beautiful wife of (now) 15 years and two blossoming Princesses – who spend an incredible amount of time giggling about things I cannot comprehend (sometimes nothing).

For now, I am extremely grateful for each person, hurting or otherwise, whose heart God has entrusted to me, whether in large or small way, and hope only to treat each as the work of art that he or she was made by the Master to be.

And, when I fail, may I repent quickly and completely.



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