As far as counselors go, I like Carl Rogers.  He, despite not claiming to be a follower of Jesus, instituted the practice of unconditional positive regard.  Essentially, this is how Christ treated the people He met.  While most counselors today have moved beyond Rogers’ “person-centered therapy” model into other modalities, UPR is of utmost importance in the therapeutic relationship.

Since this is not an educational adventure, but rather a personal journal of sorts, why is this titled “counselor”?

Because I am awaiting contact from a Human Resources department to extend me an offer to be a substance abuse counselor at an agency in town.  And I’m incredibly excited.  It’s not for an internship, but rather a paid position which I expect to double as an internship in order for me to complete my Master’s degree.  So, I’m excited.  And it’s a better deal than most students have to endure (either no income or benefits while interning, or working a full time job and interning).  This would be double dipping – and fully legal.

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