Celebrated my younger daughter’s 11th birthday. Her party with her friends later in the month. She just used some birthday money (and money she’s saved taking care of dogs since October) for a 4th Gen iPad (heck, I can’t afford that any more!).

She’s trying to figure out what she’d like from me and her mother (we just got her wish list this morning) other than the few books and craft supplies we’ve had in the house since after Christmas sales…. She likes Bellatrix Lestrange’s dagger (her fan-fiction character is related to Bellatrix and the dagger is used to kill off the character equivalent of Jar Jar Binks on Star Wars Episode I).

At any rate, she’s snuggling up with my bride on the couch right now watching the last few minutes of So You Think You Can Dance. I’m just really proud of her, her creativity is just profound and her writing ability is far beyond mine when I graduated from high school. She’s going to public school next year after 7 years of being homeschooled and I look forward to being her Daddy through the good and bad of adolescence. She’s a gift to me and her mother.

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