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Just a quick post. Wondering how you, my readers, administer Facebook with your children, particularly those of the age of 13. My Princess took a matter of 3 days to make the request for an account. She blames the Girl … Continue reading

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It’s a long one today, folks. Originally written in October 2007, I was trying to engage the Youth Pastor in a conversation (which he invited) pertaining to what I was experiencing with regard to community within a congregation that was … Continue reading

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Have you ever read an issue of Time magazine?  The people, the places, the experiences – they’re all just amazing.  Vivid detail intended to bring the reader into the mind and heart of the subject.  And I have been challenged … Continue reading

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If you’re on Facebook at all, you’re familiar with all the crazies who post stuff about their running habits. Snow, rain, heat waves, Disney races, 5ks, marathons, you name it. Crazy people. I’ve never, and I mean never considered myself … Continue reading

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My friend John Lynch sharing an excerpt from his book The Cure. Why don’t we believe this?  Why don’t we live like this is true?  Comments?

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Today marks the celebration of my firstborn child. She is, in all manner of speaking, 13 years old. Normally, on her birthday, if I’m home with her, I tell her the story of her birth. 12:20 eastern daylight time. About … Continue reading

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The conclusion of Enough. For the prior post called Confirmation. How do you do anything without support and affirmation? Well, it can be nearly impossible. In 2008, my family and I were attending a church in which the leadership and … Continue reading

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