Well, as of nearly 1 month ago, I am 40.  Over the hill.  Black balloons and all the clichés that go along with 40.  Yes, there is so much more I want to do with my life.  So much more I want to do with my relationships with my wife and kids and the few friendships I continue to press into.  But today, I just feel old.

Last week I woke up with foot pain somewhere between my 1st metatarsal and os cunieforme I (thank you, Wikipedia).  Pain level was somewhere around 1-2 for the prior week or so.  I believed that it was just that my work/dress shoes are too tight.  Yesterday morning, that pain level was around a 5.  And last night, when my bride got home from work, I was at a 9-10 – worse than both of my bouts of kidney stones (2007 and 2008).

After 500mg of Naproxen (prescription strength Aleve), 2 Fat Tires, and 4 fingers of Scotch, I went to bed – around 8:30.  I guess I was so quiet that my bride and princesses didn’t notice.

After a while, my beloved came to the bedroom and got me moving to get to urgent care.  We went (without insurance cards as they haven’t come in the mail yet) to North Medical Campus where they found elevated levels of uric acid in my blood sample.  And X-rays.

And at some point in the whole ordeal, I fainted.  I was seated on the exam table and knew I wasn’t feeling well, somewhere between vomiting and passing out.  I told my bride I was “going” and she should get a staff member.  While I’ve been having vaso-vagal episodes since I was twelve, she still is not used to it (and as God is my witness, it had nothing to do with having blood drawn).

Needless to say, I am old.  And blessed with a wonderful bride and knowledgeable (Bostonians would say “wicked smaht”) friends who kept me company and educated via Facebook throughout my experience.  One of these guys sells arthroscopic surgical tools (and has an amazing knowledge of anatomy) and the other is a physical therapist (I think?).  Most importantly, these guys love Jesus and me.  And they have my back.  And my foot.  One of them, before I even made it to the urgent care clinic, won the pool as to my diagnosis.  Gout.  Yeah, I definitely keep the right company.

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