Bullying.  I had commented to another friend in an email something to the effect of, “If this is what it means to be a Christian, I’ve had it.  That’s enough.”

Yes, I was ready to call it quits on Jesus.

See, I had mistaken something very important.  The faults and foibles within the Church are not His fault.  They are the result of people (including myself) not fully grasping God’s love for us as individuals and a body.

I had also been leading a men’s ministry that was, for lack of a better term, a Monday night book club.  And it was quietly sucking me dry.

So, it was time for a new “curriculum”.  I had read Wild at Heart (John Eldredge’s bestseller) once before but found it boring and dry.  It wasn’t what I needed in my life at the time.  Fast forward to my Monday night book club and I was more than ready for that message.  So, I bought the “kit”.  DVDs, Leader Guide, etc, and took orders on the Field Manual – a journal of sorts.  Registered about 20 men in total into the group (6 would finish with us in May the following year).  And passed out over 75 copies of the book that my bride and I purchased to give to anyone interested.  This was around Christmas 2006.

I registered for the lottery for the May 2007 Wild at Heart Boot Camp event hosted at Young Life: Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser, Colorado.  And it’s a good thing I did.

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