Continued from Mountaintop, part of the Enough series.

If you’ve ever experienced counseling or therapy, you know that it’s not so much about getting advice as it is about helping you chance something in your life that’s not going right.  Perhaps mental illness or a personality disorder, but possibly just your sense of connecting to the greater fabric of creation.  Well, in a moment of vulnerability, I’ll share this with you.  I’m training to be a counselor.  But I have my own issues, too.  Some of these, I share with my clients.

Confession time:  Years before being on the mountaintop, I had been in therapy.  Quarter-life crisis or something like that.  Don’t laugh.  It seriously exists.  I was going through my crisis back when I was 29.  According to my therapist, there is a time, particularly in a man’s life when the gears need to switch.  He might be married, have children in the house, and realize it’s time to buckle down and be a bit more responsible.  Dreaming, for him, is often over.

My therapist at the time (2002?) started me on dreaming again.  Of looking at my life differently.  That, as we age, we don’t have to give up on things.  But we do need to consider what a course correction looks like.

On the mountaintop in 2007, I was reminded of something my therapist and I had talked about.  I’ve always had a passion for strengthening marriages.  And with a project manager background, I had put 2 and 2 together to establish the dream of building a camp where couples could join in couples’ retreat type seminars while they brought their kids with them.  After all, with the leaving of one’s nuclear family being more common in America, oftentimes, grandparents and other family members are nowhere nearby to watch your kiddos.  So, we’d watch them, too – just pack ’em in the back seat, strap ’em in, and bring ’em to us!

In a few short months, we had been looking for properties, talking with friends who knew how to set up nonprofits and manage properties, even laid out plans for cabins, conference center, offices, and all the facilities.  To come up with a few million seemed insurmountable.  And, historically, I haven’t had many friends, let alone with deep pockets I even felt remotely capable of or morally able to exploit in the name of God.

God and I shifted gears a bit with this dream, but the dream wasn’t the point.  The dreaming was – learning to do it again after several years of living someone else’s vision of my life.  See, He stirred something in me – the ability to dream and create.  Because He’s the Creator and a dreamer – and He made you to be, too!

In the next post, I’ll share where this dream took me.  Stay tuned.

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