A brief break in the Enough series to explain what’s going on in my life at the moment – realtime.  Enough will be back on Friday with a final post to round out the series.  Thank you for staying tuned.

Have you ever set up some goals or risks for yourself and not told anyone about them because of your fear of failure and embarrassment?  I have.  Plus, I live a lot in my head anyway.  What what it look like if several hundred people (friends, even?) were on board with your risk or goal (or dream) to the point where you got regular encouragement and constructive feedback which furthered your push toward success?

Well, that’s what Start is about.

About a week and a half ago, I embarked on a new adventure.  One called the Start Experiment, and based on a book called Start by John Acuff, the wacky author of Stuff Christians Like.

Now, I confess I have not read the book – not even a page – so I don’t know if it is any good or of benefit to you, but the experiment might be.

I have a few things I’m “going for” right now in terms of risks/goals.

1) I have registered for my first (Evah.) 5k race on 11/17.  The Jingle Bell is a race held all over the country to promote research for arthritis with proceeds to benefit the Arthritis Foundation.  The link is to my page where I’m happy to accept sponsorship donations.  If you’d like to be on the team, click on the Join Team link instead.  My bride was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 25 years ago, so I know what this disease does.  And…  she’s running with me.

For the record, at the moment, I’m about 230# (that’s 104.3kg, to non-Americans) and have run about once since high school, 22 years ago.  And yet, I’m 4 workouts in out of 24.  I can’t say yet that I feel great, but I’m improving my energy and (I think) eating better.  Essentially, the other members of the Start community, in addition to friends and family, are cheering me on.  Isn’t that a great feeling?

2) As you know, I blog.  Not often enough and, I don’t think, not well.  So, I’ve put out some links to the Start community to read, encourage, and comment (either here or somewhere else) as to feedback.  The blog has been, for over a year, a means of self-expression where I could solicit input and course correction from a very small number of friends.  It’s officially open now.  I think.  My risk is to start posting a minimum of 3 posts a week and ask for people to share it.  On your Facebook, on your Twitter, even on your Pinterest board, however that might look.

3) Finally, my schoolwork.  I’m in the middle of my internship in Professional Counseling and have one course after this one.  I need to decide which one to take, or add a 200hr practicum.  I have already applied to graduate and paid for the diploma.  I want to get my Substance Abuse credential (CASAC, in NY) and have to get the application to Albany by 9/1.

The net result is that I’m hoping that all of this will help me in my regular “doom and gloom” of winters up here in the Syracuse suburbs.  It’s an annual struggle and I’m hoping that some accomplishment and energy will carry me through – with a little help from my friends.

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