If you’re on Facebook at all, you’re familiar with all the crazies who post stuff about their running habits. Snow, rain, heat waves, Disney races, 5ks, marathons, you name it. Crazy people.

I’ve never, and I mean never considered myself a runner. Not since I found golf. But, I have a confession to make.

I’m starting to enjoy it. I’ve been doing it for just over 2 weeks and I’m beginning to experience the thrill. I am training for my first race (link over at the right, in the sidebar there). And, for a week, I’ve been training through what a friend advises me is probably plantar fasciitis. And something I shouldn’t train through. Between my meds, an occasional 2-4 fingers of single malt, and my training schedule, I think I’m doing all right. I’m not going to win the race, bit I just might have to do it again.

If you think I’m going to be posting silly running inspiration all over my wall any time soon, forget it. Not till I break 185. And that’s about 35 more to go…

Crazy. Indeed.

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