Have you ever read an issue of Time magazine?  The people, the places, the experiences – they’re all just amazing.  Vivid detail intended to bring the reader into the mind and heart of the subject.  And I have been challenged to write an article about myself.

Who does that?  Who can blow their own horn enough to be featured in a nationally known periodical?  The challenge is 100-250 words.  So, here goes nothing.

Hokie’s engineering career was going so well, so why change things?  “God,” he quips, quite seriously.  “I had an epiphany 5 years ago on a mountain in Colorado, and I have been pursuing a new career ever since.”  Indeed, after a year of prayer and preparation with his wife of (at that time) eleven years, he returned to school, a non-traditional student, at Liberty University, the nation’s largest evangelical Christian university, through their online program in Professional Counseling.

“So, you’re evangelical?” he is often asked.  “Not really.  Interestingly enough, the program has taught me to think and believe for myself.  I’ve laughed with other students at how we might not fit in there, but there are more of us than we realized.”

“What I have learned about counseling has been incredible, but what I have learned about myself and my relationship with God has truly been a bonus,” he smiles knowingly.  “It has been a fantastic ride.  I thank my wife and daughters for their patience and encouragement over the last 5 years.”

Hokie is expected to graduate in March with honors.

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