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but don’t overshare… Are you familiar with that request?  I’m sorry. That’s the message I received loud and clear this week.  Frankly, I’m not sure what to make of that message.  After all, in our often-insulated world (with our electronic … Continue reading

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So, I missed church today (Sunday), but I have a note from my doctor (actually, from the Physician’s Assistant).  A friend of mine even joked I was faking my illness in order to avoid a ministry fair at church.  My … Continue reading

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I have recently completed my first round with The Start Experiment and wanted to invite you to participate in the next round, coming soon.  Here’s why. So, a few of us might be forty. And there might have been witnesses to … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel like you don’t measure up to someone else’s expectations?  Your spouse?  Your parents?  Your employer?  What about God’s expectations? Until 2001, my father was a physical education instructor (gym teacher) in another district at the high … Continue reading

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You might be really into Les Misérables with the fact that the movie/musical came out last year. And you might really be excited and tear-filled at the story of redemption within the film. The thing that all the fans of … Continue reading

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I wrote this less than a month after my bride’s father passed away and we left the community, exiled just because we never quite ‘fit in’. I’d like to publicly (open letter) thank those people who did reach out to … Continue reading

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Accountability.  Doesn’t that word make you just cringe?  What is it about accountability that we fear?  Is it because of confession?  That is, if we actually admit our transgressive thoughts or actions?  Is it because we really have no idea what … Continue reading

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