I have recently completed my first round with The Start Experiment and wanted to invite you to participate in the next round, coming soon.  Here’s why.

So, a few of us might be forty. And there might have been witnesses to a small celebration that might have taken place in Watkins Glen this summer. And there might have one good man who put it out there to invite us.  He started something very cool and the invitation is open to do it again.

Here’s another invitation. I’ve been a part of an online community experiment called the Start Experiment. For 24 consecutive days, the community comes together to encourage, cheer, pray, and coach people to reach their goals. The biggest problem when it comes to reaching a goal is we don’t know where to Start. Fear takes its toll and we never get off the ground.

Anyway, I’d like to invite you into the next round, which should be Starting in a week or two. Jon Acuff (author of the book Start) uses email to hand out daily assignments (don’t worry, it’s free and there is no requirement for travel) while the community comes together in groups.

My risks this time have included upping my blog posting and actually inviting people to read along, registering and training for my first 5k race, and applying for my credential in substance abuse counseling. Others have published books, changed careers, started careers, moved out of their parents’ apartments, and even relocated to a different continent. Nothing is too great or too small. But fear holds us back.  What if an entire community could make us feel like nothing was impossible?  Would we still be in a state of fear paralysis?  Or would we go for it?

I did it.  I’m awesome.  Come be awesome with me.  To learn more, check out Frankenstart (The Start Experiment Gone Rogue) and let me know if you’re in.

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