but don’t overshare…

Are you familiar with that request?  I’m sorry.

That’s the message I received loud and clear this week.  Frankly, I’m not sure what to make of that message.  After all, in our often-insulated world (with our electronic gadgetry and our 140 character asynchronous communications), how often does someone genuinely engage us as we are and for who we are?

Without going into the details of the who and where, I have to say I’m rather floored.  I forgive the individual, of course, but I’m not sure if I want to risk again in that individual’s circles.

I was a part of a group conversation, I thought.  My input was appreciated, I thought.

Until I was electronically pulled aside and told, “Yeah, I really don’t want to hear how you’re struggling with this particular issue.  We only really want to hear how people are succeeding here.”  In other words (as my friend John Lynch would say), “Here.  Wear this [mask]” (John tells a beautiful tale of good intentions and grace and, well, the mask is not about grace, if you couldn’t tell).

Interestingly enough, the group in which I was a part was trying to promote openness and honest conversation.  Until I met that need.

Yeah, I’m posting this link and that individual and others may see the irony in what I post.  Perhaps they’ll laugh with me.

Perhaps not.

For the record, very rarely do I actually invite my offenders to read what I write.  I expect nothing except the satisfaction that I am me.  Good, bad, ugly, and (as my friend Wendy says) “Warts and all”.

How have you been told, under no uncertain terms, “We don’t like your kind”?

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