I know what you’re thinking.  Pinterest.  Right?


My freshman year of high school, I tried out for the Varsity and JV wrestling teams.  Made the JV team and had never wrestled before in my life.  It should be noted there was only one other wrestler in my weight class.  A whopping 98 pounds.

It should be no surprise that I sucked at the running and weight training and general holds and legwork.  After all, I was completely new to it.  It should be equal surprise that I didn’t have a lot of competition in my weight class from the JV squads of other schools; yes, my Varsity counterpart won his spot in less than 30 seconds.  He had been wrestling for over 8 years at that point.

I remember my first win-by-pin.  I was generally one of the first wrestlers of the match because matches run in weight class sequence with JV first.  It was at Towanda in Pennsylvania.  Wearing glasses means that I went without vision for matches.  Contacts were potentially troublesome as well, so I couldn’t see a thing.  So bad that, once I pinned my opponent on some hold or combination I have long since forgotten, I got up to shake his hand and allow the referee to declare me my 6 points and was completely embarrassed I had no idea which side of the mat I was on.

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