Yes, I said, “Balls.”

My bride has them, figuratively speaking.  She also has a crap-ton of integrity and character and quit her job and we’ll be fine.  Financially and in our marriage.

Yesterday, without even a day’s notice to her employer, she quit her job.  She called me early in the morning to ask if I supported her in the event she chose to quit.  I told her I support her entirely, but I’m concerned on what moving forward might look like.  But, yes, I support her.  Still do.

She liked the organization and even many of the people with whom she worked.  She was not able to respect the CEO of the organization for the decisions he was executing which were harmful to the company.  She had told him that she would always advise him of any potential problem she saw in his decisions.  She did that and he disregarded her advice.

She showed him her balls and quit on the spot.

And I love her and could not. be. prouder.  And we’ll be okay.  I’m sure of it as much as sugar is sweet.

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