There’s a lot of posts on whether Black Friday should be kept to Friday or done on Thursday or whatever.  This post is not about that.

This post is the observations I made while working retail on Thanksgiving night from the hours of 7:30pm until 2:30am.  Yes, I’m still awake.  The two and a half hour nap helped me to survive the shift doing carry-out from the store and bagging for a few cashiers.  And the Scotch is helping me to wind down because, though tired, I am still a bit wired.

One would think that people getting 32″ flatscreen televisions would be thrilled for their bounty and for their savings.  That people whose receipts said that they saved over $1500 (a customer showed me her receipt as we waited for her shopping partner to bring the car around).

The look on many of their faces (not all of them) were often empty and hollow.  Void of joy.  Searching and grasping for something, but not knowing what.  Interestingly enough, though, people seemed to be in good spirits.  There were a few heated interchanges to be heard and experienced, but over all, pretty positive.  But their faces.  Their eyes.  Told a different story.

In other news (not that it’s a big surprise), the people I worked with tonight all raved about my bride’s hustle.  Yes, she works there, too.  And she hustles.  And I’m not surprised at what they had to say.  Not. At. All.

It’s 3:50am now.  Time to call it a night and finish my Scotch.  Just in case I get called in to work a few hours tomorrow night.

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2 Responses to Black.

  1. D Hampshire says:

    The Hokies-also known as first class citizens. Well done friend!

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