So…  last night took me back to the age of 12.  A mere 28 years ago.  A different time, a different place, and a different orientation.  Back then, I was the one singing in the Jr. High Chorus in a crowded auditorium – my first Christmas concert.  Correction – we can’t call it that any more.  Ahem.  “Holiday Concert.”

I have no idea what we sang back then.  None at all.  But I do remember the friends I made in the chorus, some of them still in my life today.

This year, it’s my younger daughter.  Evidently, she’s a soprano.  I know this because of which side of the chorus risers she stood on during the performance.  And not a bad one at that, having made call-backs for the soloist auditions for the concert.  I’m proud of her for trying out.  Of course, she has this knack for forgetting to tell her mother and me things.  Important things.  This included.

What is awesome to me is how she is adjusting to life not only in public school (for the first time ever – at the age of 11), but also embracing her creativity and the arts.  Even more so is how she is just engaging the world and her relationships that exist due to similar interests and passions.  Stay awesome, Princess, and keep your community around you.

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