It’s interesting.  I know the dynamic between me and my parents.  I know what could happen and yet, I’ve stopped catastrophizing their visits.  As anticipated, we got 4 hours with them today.  And, also as anticipated, they showed up much earlier than expected.  But we survived.  Yes, it’s stressful, as I tend to revert back to my “role” of the family and behaviors that go with that role, but it wasn’t too bad today.  In fact, it was rather nice.

Today was different.  I’m not sure why.  Other than it was bathed in prayer like a teen boy bathes in Axe Body Spray.  Both my parents were engaging with the kids, me, and my bride more personally than previous visits.  And it wasn’t the usual banter over whom they might have seen from my past or whatever.  It was about today.  The moment.  Christmas.

I know not everyone’s holidays are joyful – some of us have experienced deaths of loved ones, divorce, or a variety of relationship challenges.  However, today?  Was good for me.

Special abundant thanks go out to my beloved for her patience with me throughout the holidays and, in particular, the winter.  I’d not make it without her.  Someday she might read this.  That’s not why I posted it.  Just a reminder to myself that I did accomplish something this year.  I told her something she probably already knew: I have a blog.  I don’t keep it up as well as I would like.  And I often wonder how many people actually read it.  But, for my memories and keeping them preserved?  It’s priceless.

So, Merry Christmas.  And thanks for visiting and reading my words.  I hope you find some meaning in them – and (more importantly), some hope and joy.

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