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Every night, before bed, we collect drinking classes, plates, and bowls from the living room and start the dishwasher before going to bed.  Last night was no different.  Until it was. 2 bowls (one cereal and one potato chip) and … Continue reading

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So, we all have particular activities that we just have to do in order to be presentable in society.  We may have placed expectations on ourselves or have others place them on us, but, face it.  There are issues of hygiene … Continue reading

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Several years ago.  No, a few decades ago.  I was an avid golfer.  No, I wasn’t really that good, but I was decent. Over the summer, I played as many as 72 holes between 6:30am and 9:00pm – essentially, if … Continue reading

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When we first sought community in Texas, we were a part of a rather large church congregation.  It topped over 2500 when we moved to New York.  Regardless, a community of that size was really tough to navigate without looking … Continue reading

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So, back in 2009, my family decided to take a vacation.  Long overdue, and well-earned.  See, I had been, in 2008, on travel for no less than 30 weeks throughout the year.  Monday through Friday, with the occasional Sunday through … Continue reading

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I’m resting. Back soon.

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Yes, I lived in Texas.  For 5 years.  With my bride.  That’s where the Princesses were both born. Life is all about choices, risk, and adventure.  Otherwise, it’s a rather meaningless existence, I think.  One of those risks was simply … Continue reading

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