Some of you may wonder where all of this writing is coming from.  I’ve entered two challenges for January.  Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle and Jeff Goins’s #my500words.  I’ll give some more background on those in upcoming days.

For now?  Keep.

My beloved and I were expecting our second bundle of joy back in 2001-02 and, with my beloved having health issues that put her into the “high risk” category, we were extremely diligent as to her prenatal care and that of our daughter.  That meant extra ultrasounds and learning much more than a typical pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

During one of those ultrasounds, the doctor found markers associated with one of the trisomies that generally results in infant death before the age of two (note: a trisomy is a triple where there is usually a pair of chromosomes.  The most famous trisomy is 21, also known as Down’s Syndrome, or Down Syndrome).  This, of course, led to more testing, more prayer, and more support from our friends who were kept aware of what we were encountering medically.

At the time, many of our friends in Texas (where we lived) were within the medical community and they were fabulous with information, being very personable (as opposed to clinical) and supportive as well.

Medically speaking, we were advised of our “options”.  Yes, that’s a euphemism.  Some family members reminded us of the same options, without pushing for them, simply asking what we were going to do.  What we were going to do was simply keep in prayer, continue to rally with our friends over this, and enjoy (if worse came to worst) whatever time we had with our precious daughter.  Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing different.  That’s all there was to it.

I’ve heard it said and I say it in the recovery groups I lead that the opposite of love is not hate, it is fear.  It would have been easy for us to walk in fear in that abyss of the unknown and to let fear dictate how we lived and loved as we waited for the results of the additional tests that the doctor ordered.

Our friends were spectacular back then.  From those we worked with to those we played with, and those we served with, we were confident that they had our backs just the same as we would have had theirs in their anticipation for news.  Many of them lived in our neighborhood and made it a point to stop by and knock on the door or the fence gate just to “visit”.  I miss that.  I truly miss that.  And I recognize the need for people that like in my life and in the lives of my family.

What challenges or crises have you personally faced in your life that you had someone there to walk through with you?  What about those that you wish you had someone to walk through with you?  Regardless of which group in which you find yourself, how does that prompt you to live intentionally in community with others?

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  1. My bride reminded me that I never resolved this post. The follow-up testing overturned the doctor’s concerns and she is a healthy and thriving child.

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