In 2012, my bride surprised me with an early anniversary gift.  Tickets to see Huey Lewis and the News.  Yes, they are really still together (minus the Tower of Power horn section and a few bandmembers).  Yes, they are still touring.  And, yes, they are still producing new music.

Huey Lewis and the News were introduced to my ears back in the 80s, along with most other people.  I can blame my neighbors/friends.  One of the boys in the family worked for a local radio station and really had a pretty cool taste in music – as common in older siblings of our friends, right?

Anyway, I’ve been to some Christian concerts and even some country and classic rock concerts that were off the chain (is that what you young people say still?).  But something about Huey’s concert was just awesome.  While I think I’d be thrilled to see Billy Joel or Elton John in concert, or even Justin Timberlake (that man is quite the entertainer as well), I don’t think I’d be up for big audacious stadium events with pyrotechnics and all that “fluff”.  Apologies to those of you who love what U2’s been up to as well.

I can’t even remember all of the songs that they played.  I recall there was no opening act.  It was just the News.  Nothing but the news.  They were touring to promote their album, Soulsville, and Huey even joked that they had sold 3 copies of it on Amazon to date, and the tour was almost over.  BTW, my bride and I purchased one of those three album downloads before the concert.

The concert took place at the Turning Stone, a resort and casino in Oneida County off the NY State Thruway.  We’d been to the Turning Stone before, but never for a show.  And it’s really not a big venue.  Not a nightclub either.  They have an 800 seat Showroom and a 5000 seat event center.  Huey was in the event center and we had aisle seats on the right floor about 7-8 rows from the stage.

I’ve seen talent and fun and these guys were all about both.  They featured some of their hit favorites and some tracks from the new album.  They were all about just making music and engaging the audience.  Stories were shared between numbers, including memories of playing in the Syracuse area years ago.

Now would be a good time to mention that Huey was a college dropout, having attended Cornell for engineering.  While I finished college – and am a student again, I can completely relate to quitting engineering for something about which I am more passionate.  Huey’s just making a crap-ton more money than me.

Several times throughout the night, I remember being in tears.  Why?  The man (and his friends) were doing what they love, what they’re passionate about.  I truly enjoy seeing the gifts that others offer when they come from what they love to do the most.  I believe that they world would be a much more joyful and less stressful place if people walked in their strengths and not in our fears.

What experience did you have in which you were able to observe someone doing what seemed like it was just meant for him or her to do?  How did it impact your own vision for your life?

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2 Responses to News.

  1. malindar says:

    this morning, i sat under the teaching of a 31-year-old man (who by the world’s standards, should not yet be experienced enough to be a gifted preacher)…and i was seriously impacted by his words. there was nothing super-deep about what he said. it was simple truth, expressed simply, underscored by grace and love. each time he speaks, this is the outcome. this man is a youth pastor. he is THIRTY-ONE. and he loves what he does. who he serves. and how he serves them/Him. watching passion is what motivates me to encourage my children to pursue their passions. right now, as kids. i only hope they are as passionate about what they find as Chris is in what he found.

    • Roman Hokie says:

      I’m not sure that preaching requires a lot of experience. Consider the twelve. A bunch of knucklehead teens and young adults. They changed the world through their passionate message of His.

      I’m glad you experienced the presentation this morning and saw the heart of the presenter. That, I think, is just as important as the presentation.

      As for the kids, keep doing what you’re doing and giving all of you grace on each step.

      Ain’t nobody got it figured out.

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