I absolutely love roller coasters.  My younger Princess is falling in love with some of the more, um, intense rides herself.  Unfortunately, after her first ride with me on the Dragon Challenge, she ended up with a headache and started to get sick.  She ended up coming down with the flu, so it wasn’t so much coaster-driven.

I don’t always handle my daughters’ hearts well when they are upset or disappointed about something.  With the Princess not feeling well, we opted (the first day in Florida, mind you) to do lunch.  We headed to the Three Broomsticks and ended up with platter lunches.  Chicken and ribs for my bride, my younger, and me.  The older ended up with a huge chicken salad.

At any rate, the younger tearfully expressed her sadness that I would be disappointed that my “Roller Coaster Buddy” wouldn’t be joining me on coasters the rest of the trip and that her being sick might keep me from coasters.  I looked firmly and gently at her and told her that she is much more than a roller coaster buddy to me, that her feeling ill is much more important to me than even a single coaster ride the rest of the vacation.  And (most importantly), I would not ever be disappointed in one of my children for any reason.  My only disappointment in this situation would be that she would not be able to enjoy the rides that she likes.

Over the next few days, she and I would go on several rides together, and she would do the same with my bride, and her sister would ride with me.  We enjoyed various time together with each other over the course of the next few days with no pressure to do anything that we didn’t feel up to.

And I think we all had a great time.

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