This post is about my experience in successfully getting tickets to see a live taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

My bride and I had the awesome opportunity to see a live taping. It’s an adventure to get it all to work out, but well worth the trip and logistics of actually obtaining the tickets. Let me correct myself – of obtaining reservations for tickets. No, you don’t actually get the tickets themselves until about 2.5 hours before the taping, which, for us was at 8pm Thursday, August 7th.

Jimmy’s staff sends out tweets at the show’s Twitter page and updates via the show’s Facebook page.  These posts notify followers that tickets will be going on “sale” (don’t worry, they are actually free!) for the following month of tapings.  On July 7th, the staff announced that tickets for August would be available at 11:30am on the following day.  As luck would have it, this was a Tuesday and that meant I didn’t have to leave for work until after noon.  A link to the “queue” was provided on the announcement and the reminder to “come back tomorrow.”

So, I did.

The queue uses cookies (not the yummy kind!) to monitor your browser to ensure you are still connected and it updates the browser when it’s your turn to select a show.  I waited 15 minutes and finally was given the opportunity to select a show.  They were all sold out.  (that’s 20 shows at over 200 seats each, plus overbooking).  I kept trying and eventually found a show available.  I scurried to put my information in and the number of tickets I needed (2 – because the Princesses are too young to attend; minimum age is 16, and they check IDs).  That’s it.  Oh, and several reminders to bring your “Ticket Receipt” or there is no getting in.  Digital versions allowed via smartphone or tablet as well.

So, we attended an 8pm taping on a Thursday night; that translates to a Friday airdate because the show does not always tape on Friday nights.  Actually, it might not ever tape on Friday nights.  But, that’s the beauty of television.  While none of the guests were Justin Timberlake, it was a Friday show, so #ThankYouNotesFriday.

It was a unique experience and one worth taking the time off work and hopping the train to go see.  And one for which my bride and I thank our most gracious hostess (who shall remain nameless in an effort to protect her privacy, of course) whom we still have not been fortunate enough to meet.

More on the actual adventure in a future post.  But, if anyone has questions, please share them here.  I’ll answer what I can based on what worked for us.

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