Seems to be a lot of attention being paid to a whole lot of legitimate pictures of naked female celebrities lately.  While people should know that data doesn’t just exist in a vacuum (and the fact that it exists on someone else’s computers makes it possible to steal just like keeping your money under your friend’s mattress), it is their data.  Their property, both personal and intellectual.  

There have been a variety of campaigns over the years in order to promote an egalitarian culture rather than continue to promulgate the idea that women are lesser than men.  Women have been, with little exception throughout the world, seen as even property at times.  Women have had the burden of proof with regard to accusing their attackers of rape, incest, or any other sexual misconduct against them.  Today, alone, Cee Lo Green is reported to have deleted his Twitter account after taking masculinity back a few thousand years by effectively saying, “It’s not rape if the person is passed out,” after being accused of drugging a woman back in 2012.  

Where are all the male role models that can demonstrate to young men that this behavior – no, this attitude – is unacceptable in the 21st century (not that it was acceptable before).  

But, back to the illicit photos never intended to be stolen…  Yes, stolen.  Someone stole the photos from their storage places in the same way that Target’s credit card database was hacked last year and Home Depot’s was hacked just this year.  It’s theft.  It’s no fault of the individuals who used the credit cards with the retailers.  Likewise, it’s not the fault of the individuals who used the cloud storage associated with their smartphones that their images were stolen.  

The content of their images is irrelevant.  If you or I wanted to take images of our respective spouses (or them us) in the privacy of our own homes, that’s our prerogative and freedom (as long as it was with the consent of our partners).  The fact that the images were stolen predominantly from attractive female celebrities as opposed to even attractive male celebrities…  that’s sexist and extends the dominance of rape culture. NOTE: a friend of mine was kind enough to remind me that viewing nude photos without permission from the subject is sexual assault. 

Having two daughters of my own, and knowing that they are already engaging in the emotional turmoil that is female adolescence, I cringe at the thought that they might be approached inappropriately by boys seeking nothing more than a cheap thrill.  I’m already praying for integrity of their would-be suitors.  And I am glad that their mother is here to guide them as well.

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