Several years ago, my beloved and I took on TLC network’s What Not to Wear on Friday nights.  We had two small children in the house and our Friday nights were pretty chill.  It was our little foray into fashion makeovers.  Fast forward several years…

We were on vacation in Delaware near the beaches.  Delaware isn’t that big, so “near the beaches” is rather broad, but please stay with me.  Outlet shopping.  Tax free.  Do the math.  I sent my beloved out to the outlets while the Princesses and I spent the day in the pool.  Well, because they were not really into the whole ocean/beach thing.  The instructions I gave my bride were simple.  Select three dresses of any appropriate styles, in particular, items that she might find to be different than she usually bought.  Her past purchases were safe and I was interested in something that she might feel more beautiful in – and something that I could appreciate her appearance, as her husband.  The one caveat.  No clearance stuff.  They could be on sale, sure.  But not clearance.

She believed the challenge was to find three and I’d pick one to keep and return the others.  So, she tried them on one at a time before we were to get ready for my birthday dinner.  After seeing all three on them (and they all looked fantastic on her), I explained to her that, for my birthday, I wanted her to keep all of the dresses and then chose one of them for her to wear for dinner.

The makeup and hair were not in the budget for the entire adventure that day, but one day, I’d like to send her to New York City for an appointment with Nick Arrojo.  We have a lot of work to do to afford that.

How have you demonstrated to your wife or girlfriend (or, ladies, how has someone demonstrated to you) that you were to be delighted in?  How did you feel?

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