Just doin’ my thing. I’m fascinated with relationships – marriages, parenting, or friendships – and spend a bit of time reflecting on my own. In between work and school, that is.

I’m further fascinated by life patterns. You know, those decisions or events that we say we will never let happen again, but they do. Or if they don’t, it’s because we successfully prevent them from doing so, even to our own emotional pain.

This blog is more of a semi-personal journal or a collection of memories. It is apolitical in nature and perhaps religious in nature when I mention my faith in Christ, but not aimed at promoting a particular doctrine, dogma, or agenda. Readers are generally here because they are invited to read what I share – not because they are a part of a vast audience.

I live in my head – a lot. And when something comes to mind, I generally try to entertain it immediately, but I don’t always have the opportunity. Some of these are written on the spot and some are unable to be due to lack of time or juice on my iPad or whatever. Regardless, they are what they are. Thoughts and ramblings of another guy trying to make sense of the world and life.


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