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So, Jody Allard has now publicly shamed her two teen sons (between 16 and 19, it seems, from her original post) a second time.  During her first post, she talks about her position on rape culture and misogyny and how … Continue reading

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Feedback offered to the staff of a world-class mouse-centered theme park in central Florida. Good evening.  Although my family decided on a vacation with your primary competitor in Orlando, we were able and fortunate to spend a few days in … Continue reading

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In this article, the author tells her children that she “couldn’t care less” if they go to college.  Please read the entire article before continuing with my response. While I agree with Cathy’s sentiment, I have to wonder who is … Continue reading

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I promised a few friends I’d put together some tabletop game reviews – the same friends who were kind enough to suggest to me family-suitable games, particularly now that my bride and I aren’t working evenings. The first such game … Continue reading

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// View image | Have you ever heard of the Restaurant Dog?  No?  I’m surprised, because my family first became aware of this magical little creature several years ago.  We were out to lunch together at a midweek pizza buffet. … Continue reading

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We need more men in this discussion. Because, frankly, in a patriarchal society, and asking where the men are, we really aren’t helping our daughters. At all. Check out this article.

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Seems to be a lot of attention being paid to a whole lot of legitimate pictures of naked female celebrities lately.  While people should know that data doesn’t just exist in a vacuum (and the fact that it exists on … Continue reading

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