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I’m still reveling in our family and guest trip to Niagara last week. Just an overnighter, and not an elaborate one at that, we were blessed to be able to go to Niagara Falls with the Tindales and enjoy their … Continue reading

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I should add that I am thoroughly enjoying WordPress’s “Post by Email” add-on. I type, I read, I edit, I submit. Yeah, I might generate more posts that way.

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As in, “I’m in…” I have no details and I don’t need them, but a colleague with whom I have worked on and off since 2005 has “left the organization to pursue other interests.” Yes, that’s the euphemism for something … Continue reading

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My friend, Bruce, from Australia, and his bride and sons are visiting my family in the Syracuse suburbs. Unfortunately, as I’m winding down at work before I begin my new career, the day seems longer than most. Had a great … Continue reading

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With the new WordPress for iPad app’s updated interface, images are harder to include in posts like I like them.  So, I’m not using them consistently any more.

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It was my Junior or Senior year of high school. I was completing my application to the United States Military Academy at West Point. There was an essay. First off, I hate essays. I’m actually amazed I’ve continued to blog … Continue reading

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Transitions are hard.  One of the best visual of an awesome transition in one’s life is the carrying of his wife (or her husband carrying her) across the threshold as they begin a new life together. Transitions – all transitions – … Continue reading

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