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There’s a lot of posts on whether Black Friday should be kept to Friday or done on Thursday or whatever.  This post is not about that. This post is the observations I made while working retail on Thanksgiving night from the … Continue reading

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Sixteen years ago, approximately today, my beloved and I were in a little borough called Manhattan at the crack of “sometime before the sun came up”.  We were on our honeymoon and decided on a side trip to see the … Continue reading

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// #163186103 / It was before Christmas of 1997.  We had only been wed a few weeks.  Our first tradition post honeymoon: the selection of the Christmas tree. Do you remember a home improvement store chain called Hechinger’s?  Well, … Continue reading

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Today marks sixteen. Not the age of either of the Princesses, thank God, but the number of years my bride and I have been married. I think the list of what we have NOT endured together is shorter than what … Continue reading

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Looks like I’m venturing back into the world of retail.  No, I’m not leaving counseling.  With the holidays and property taxes and other items coming due in the next few months, it just makes sense.  Particularly with the timing of … Continue reading

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Yes, I said, “Balls.” My bride has them, figuratively speaking.  She also has a crap-ton of integrity and character and quit her job and we’ll be fine.  Financially and in our marriage. Yesterday, without even a day’s notice to her … Continue reading

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