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It was my Freshman year of college, back in 1991, I was home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas break.  I really can’t remember which.  A few of us were gathered at my friend Prescott’s house after hanging out for a … Continue reading

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It’s interesting.  I know the dynamic between me and my parents.  I know what could happen and yet, I’ve stopped catastrophizing their visits.  As anticipated, we got 4 hours with them today.  And, also as anticipated, they showed up much earlier … Continue reading

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So…  last night took me back to the age of 12.  A mere 28 years ago.  A different time, a different place, and a different orientation.  Back then, I was the one singing in the Jr. High Chorus in a crowded … Continue reading

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A peculiar word.  Not really a word.  More an idea.  Read it backward and you get “Resolution”.   Approximately 1500 dreamers were challenged to consider the end of 2014 and to write, not our New Year’s resolutions for 2014, but rather what … Continue reading

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